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One of the active ingredients used in Ultram is called Tramadol and enters the class id medications called synthetic painkillers. Initially, Ultram is produced and developed by German pharmaceutical company Grunenthal. The first time we could see Ultram pills was in the sixties and now it has advanced so much. As a result of long term researches and analyzes, we have two types of Ultram. One sort of Ultram is used to treat short term pain and is presented in the form of immediate-release 50-milligram tablets. But there are also 300-milligram extended-release pills. If you are not a chemic, you should know that the active agent in Ultram is without any odor and white in color.

The most general notion to identify Ultram is Tramadol hydrochloride. Tramadol hydrochloride is a substance that is organic and chemical as a lot of people think and it can be dissolved in water or alcohol beverages. There are not so many drugs used for pain relief and pain management in the market. And most of them are addictive and habit forming. Ultram in contrary to any other pan management medication is used for long term and it is not habit forming. Since this medication is rather safe, the FDA has approved this medication in 1998 and now it is world known for its pain relieving properties. Ultram is usually taken orally and patients know it for its effective and fast pain killing.


Doctors usually prescribe Ultram for relieving pain of different origin including joint pain, post-operative pain neuropathic pain as well as fibromyalgia. Ultram is really popular among people suffering from long term pain as Ultram effects do not decrease with time and they cannot feel pain for a long time. And patients do not experience any tolerance while taking Ultram. If comparing Ultram to narcotic pain relievers, it is less addictive and will not form any addiction in you.

These incomparable pain relief effects of Ultram are associated with the mechanism of action enclosed in Ultram. The work of Ultram is similar to inhibiting the receptors called opiod in your body. As a result your body does not deliver any signals to the brain which can be interpreted as pain. One more thing which is done by Ultram is that it breaks down such chemicals as serotonin and norepinephrine responsible for changing the chemistry of the brain making sick people less sensitive to pain sensations. online pharmacy Canadian